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camping tools

Overview of camping tools

The type of gear carried during a trip can determines the trip’s success. Having the right gear is can be the difference between life and death. An appropriately selected, slick multi tool is an ideal sidekick for a trip. A multi tool can save you from tight scenarios and different circumstances, whereby mainstream tools are inapplicable.

It’s used for a variety of eventualities such as repairing your tent, or operating electronics in your vehicle and other numerous uses.

What is a multi tool anyway?

A multi-tool refers to a wide range of versatile and portable hand tools that integrate a number of independent functions to one unit. Multi-tool includes items such as credit-card or other key-size items designed to fit in a wallet or for carrying on your key ring.

However, larger multi tool are carried in belt-fastened pouch or in your trouser pocket.

Safety Multi Tool

camping toolsSome specialized multi tools are useful for safety purposes when driving your vehicle. There are Multi tools are specially made for all types of driving eventualities such as accidents. Such multi tools include Leatherman Z-Rex, which is equipped with a strap cutter and a window breaker.

Another safety multi tool device is the Leatherman Style PS, which is equipped with a little flat driver that is useful in handling the tiny screws on eyeglasses.

A multi tool also has scissors for cutting torn fingernails as well as bottle opener. A saw is another handy feature of a multi tool especially for outdoor trips.

Leatherman PST or Pocket Survival tool types of multi-tools come in different types, size and multiples to suit different camping needs. Several Leatherman PST multi-tools are specially designed for users with specific needs such as electricians and gunsmiths.

Several multi-tools products are currently available for various uses in camping trips. Such products serve seven major functions in a camping trip including sand, grind, cut, saw, rasp and polish. A variety of additional blades and tools have currently emerged in the market.

Other tools and their specific uses


These comprise a multiplicity of standard blades in different tooth shape for cutting various materials. Cutting blades are straight or serrated.

The later help the user to “plunge cut” into circular blades or any other material.

Alternatively, cutting blades comprises bi-metal blades that provide hardened small teeth, which help the operators to cut soft metals. The infamous Japanese tooth blades with large teeth can cut wood faster though they are not unable to cut metal.

Grout, Tile and Masonry devices

To digress from camping use –these tools are diamond or carbide coated with attachments that help the user to remove grout sandwiched in tiles or for light masonry jobs.

Sanding devices

These comprise standard sanding attachments help users to smooth flat surfaces. Specially designed sanding attachments for instance the profile sanding kit enables thorough profile sanding job to be performed.

Polishing attachments

These basically feature polishing pads attachments though such devices are unpopular in current multi-tools products.

Multi-Tool Knife

This is a critical tool for cutting or starting a fire in the absence of a match particularly when you’re outdoors.


Multi-tools are critical requirement for camping trip due to their use in case of accidents, calamities or for general functions of a trip.

camping tool set

Key Points for Choosing a Good Survival Multi Tool

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Survival Multi Tools

A great multi tool may be important for your survival in many outdoor situations. However, you have to be careful when finding a good survival multi tool – one that would suit your specific needs.

There are several points you have to use when finding such a tool to be sure you take a look at these critical points when finding a fine model for your needs.

How Do You Carry It?

Today’s survival multi tools are made with a variety of fine grips and handles that will help you keep a good hold on anything you’re trying to use. You can always get such a tool to work in your hands but you must find something that has a sturdy grip that you will not lose hold of all that easily.

Also, the handles must be built to where the individual parts of your tool will not be obstructive or otherwise too difficult to handle.

Survival Multi Tool

What Tools Come With It?

Naturally, a multi tool is designed to look like a set of pliers. While the pliers are always convenient and useful, there are many other things that can go into a multi tool to make it functional. First, there’s a series of blades that may be located inside its handles. These blades can come out and be used for cutting things or sanding down items.

Some picks may also be found in some multi tools. Look and see if the picks can be removed from the main tool body. These picks may be rather sturdy but they work the best if you have a choice that’s easy to hold and use no matter what you require out of it.

Tweezers can also be ideal for when you’re trying to remove things from your body. Tweezers are easy to handle but it’s important to use them carefully as it they can be pointy.

Can Things Be Removed?

Sometimes it’s important to be able to remove particular tools from your main multi tool. This is to make it easier for you to hold them in some sensitive situations. For instance, a multi tool may come with a few files or tweezers that can be taken out from the handle. This is great to find but it’s also good to look for a model that ensures that you can secure the file or other tool in a locking space in the body of your tool so it won’t be at risk of slipping out of your device.

Survival Multi Tools

Don’t Forget Storage

Being able to store your multi tool is something that you might forget about, what with this tool being so important for your general usage needs. Today you can choose a fine multi tool that comes with a carry case or sack to keep it protected from outside items.

Don’t forget to see how you can clean off your tool. Anything that can be cleaned off with water is always a plus. Try and see if you can get your tool washed off and brushed off without damaging any of its parts too.

Your multi tool is important to your survival. Be sure you look at all the options you’ve got for such a tool carefully.

My Favorite Hiking Trails in the US

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Yosemite National Park

I am an experienced hiker of 20 years.

Hence, when I am asked to list down the best hiking trails in the US, I certainly would not be found confused. I have done enough research and walked enough trails to be bold enough to call myself an expert f sorts.

I would be only too happy to share the same with our readers and perhaps also prospective hikers.

To begin with, there is no doubt that USA has some of the best hiking destinations in the world. While it certainly attracts thousands of hiking professionals from the country, many amateurs and professionals also come from other parts of the world.

So here are a few such hiking trails which certainly continue to be very popular amongst thousands of amateur and professional hikers. The places which I have chosen are simply awesome in terms of scenic beauty and the kind of adventure that they offer to the hikers.

The Glacier National Park

There is hardly any doubt when one makes mention of The Glacier National Park, it will most certainly catch the attention of any experienced and professional hiker.

It is heaven on earth. It consists some of the world’s best pristine forests, rugged mountains, meadows and lakes that are simply out of the world. It has trails covering almost 700 miles and therefore will be a big challenge even for the most experienced and professional hikers.

It is a place where one can relive the old days. This is because of the old style hotels, transport means and of course the wonderful stories of native Americans who were quite domineering quite a few decades back.

Glacier National Park

Zion National Park

It is according to many one of the best hiking trails around the world. Situated in Utah, it is the oldest national park as far as Utah is concerned. Amongst various other things the Zion National Park is well known for its spectacular scenic views and some of the most gorgeous and perhaps even frightening canyons.

It has quite a few hiking arenas such as Subway, The Narrows, and a lot of others. It will well and truly test the skills and will power of even the most hardened hikers.

The Yosemite National Park

It is much more than a mere valley. According to many it has some divine powers attached to it and for many it a shrine. The sheer power of the glaciers and the strength of the granites which make up Yosemite can be best experienced by those who have visited it.

Among various other things it is very famous for its waterfalls and the entire park is spread over an area of 1200 square miles. The hikers will most certainly come across grand meadows, some of the deepest valleys, a wildness area that is simply sprawling and much more.

There is hardly any doubt that it will be a test of the highest order even for those who claim to be very experienced hikers.
The above three are perhaps the best and there are quite a few other such national parks which could b equally good and are worth certainly a visit whenever possible.

Yosemite National Park

Why you Might Need a Multi Tool on Your Camping Trip

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best camping Multi Tool

Summer is a great time to go camping. But before you embark on your adventurous camping trip, there are a few things that you might need. We know that your backpack has limited space and adding too much stuff to it will make it heavy and difficult to carry.

After reading a lot on camping and the things you need, I came to a conclusion that a multi tool is one of the must have things when you are going on a camping trip. Which is the best multi tool? How to interpret the multi tool reviews you read from the people using the piece. Let’s get to answering these essential questions…

best Multi Tool

Why is multi tool a necessity on camping trip?

Well, let’s build a scenario. You are out of food supplies when you see a coconut tree. For those of you that have the experience of breaking a coconut, they know that breaking a coconut can be difficult. What if you have nothing to break the coconut? Will you just bang it on the floor? It might sound dumb because you are not camping in the Maldives but it’s just an extreme example of the kind of things a multifunctional tool can be useful.

Let me tell you folks, it most probably won’t break. This is exactly the kind of situation in which a multi tool can help you. Using a pointed section of your multi tool you can easily break it and enjoy the coconut.

Similarly you will need to setup a tent while you are camping.

Setting up a tent is a difficult task especially if you haven’t done it before. Getting the pegs inside the ground, cutting the ropes and then tying them all require a lot of technique. What will you need to cut the ropes?

Your best multi tool!

Why do I say best?

best camping Multi ToolWell, the cheap ones that are available in the market are not very good and break too easily. You don’t want that now, do you?
While you are camping, you will need to shred branches of a tree and do some other similar stuff as well. Again, a multi tool will come in handy. Again, a flashlight is a must have for camping trips.

And yes, remember to keep spare batteries. If the battery compartment of a flashlight is tightened by a screw, what will you do if you need to replace the batteries?

I guess you know the answer. I can go on and on about the uses of a multi tool. But I guess by now I have established its importance and you will remember to take it with you on your camping trip.

Now there are a lot of multi tool reviews available on the internet. I am sure you must be confused about which one to buy. It is not necessary that the one with most functionality is the best.

The best multi tool for you is the one that fulfills your needs. However there are three things that you should look for in a multi tool.

These are quality, versatility and safety. Make sure that you take a multi tool with you when camping. It will make your life much easier.

Happy camping peeps!

SUV Camping Tools

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SUV Camping Tools

What sort of SUV camping tools should you bring with you when you hit the campsites?

A good multi tool is practically a must-have when it comes to having a tool that is lightweight yet sturdy, reasonably compact, and can handle a variety of jobs that don’t need the toolkit equivalent of a sledgehammer. Multi tools are designed for light, intricate jobs and can actually look more “macho” than you might think if you choose a good sturdy one. You just want to make sure you choose right.

SUV Tools

Tips for choosing your camping tools

If you are considering bringing a specific tool on a trip the first question to ask yourself is how often you see yourself using it.

When you total up the number of ways you might use a multi tool on a camping trip, that adds up to an impressive number and can cut the clutter of tools you need by 70-80%.

If you do a lot of camping, you want one that can hold up to being used on a regular basis. Look for one with a well-crafted stainless steel body that can hold up to the wide variety of uses.

SUV Camping ToolsLook for ones that will easily fit into your pocket, preferably without worries about cutting yourself because a blade wasn’t secured with a safety catch.

Most good pieces are going to be small enough to fit in your pocket, but some of the larger ones might not (unless you’re wearing clown pants on a campground).

So be sure to consider both the size and the quality of the safety catches that will lock the tools into place when the piece is folded up and ready to be put away.

Another thing to consider is the price. A small tool shouldn’t come with a big price tag unless you’re a serious outdoorsman who insists on using the real, quality high-end stuff when pursuing your hobbies.

Another good idea is asking your friends from the camping community about what they use. They might be able to give you a recommendation if they also do a lot of camping.

There’s no need to be embarrassed about asking for their advice when any smart consumers will usually check the reviews or see what the like-minded people are saying about a particular product before they choose a camping multifunction tool.

It’s also okay to return a product if it just isn’t working for you. Even the best multi tool brands might produce the occasional “lemon”. Be sure to ask or read about the return policy before you get it to make sure that exchanging it won’t be a hassle.

The Bottom Line

Besides having a buddy around who is pretty savvy when it comes to the outdoors, the tools we discussed here can seriously be your good friend when you’re roughing it and need a lightweight tool handy to take care of those intricate jobs.

How a Multi Tool Can Come In Handy On a Fishing Trip

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fishing multi tools

By many fishing is considered to be a great sport. For others, it’s just a great way to unwind and relax.

On the other side of the spectrum there could be many for whom fishing is a way of life and their “bread and butter”.

Whether it is for sports or just a passion there is no doubt that choosing the right fishing equipment is very important. There are literally thousands of tools and equipment pieces available and choosing the right one is crucial for the overall experience.

It may not be possible to carry all the items while on a fishing expedition. But it would not be a bad idea to have a well thought out fishing multi tool collection taking into account specific needs and requirements. For example if it is for sports then one would need a certain type of equipments. Here is a list of fishing tools that are quite useful and recommended.

fishing multi tool

The Most Basic Tools 

Fishing rods is considered to be one of the basic tools for any fishing expedition. Additionally, there are other items like reel, line, float/bobber, lure and sinker that are also considered very important.

A lot of the parts and pesky little task on your fishing rod can be fixed just by using a fishing multi tool.

When we talk about fishing rods they come in different sizes, shapes, configurations and capacities. They could be made from wood, aluminum, fiberglass and other such materials. Therefore choosing the right rod is perhaps the first step as far as having the right fishing multi tool options are concerned.

A Few More Items That One Should Bear In Mind

fishing multi toolsApart from the above there are a few more items that one should keep in mind. These include having a good line cutter or knives. A great way to eliminate the clutter is to get a good fishing multi tool. This will be very useful when you’re stuck and don’t know how to get out of the situation.

The best way forward would be to cut the line and for these line cutters and knives are very essential.

It is also important to have a few sunscreen lotion packets. They would become indispensable when you have to sit for hours in wait for the prized catch. They will protect you from sunburns which, at times, could become serious.

It also would not be a bad idea to place a simple basic medical tool kit though it is quite unlikely that you will be faced with any major accidents while fishing.

There could be some bruises or insect bites for which these first hand kits could come in very handy. Having needle nose pliers is also very essential for taking the hooks off the fish. They could also be useful for taking the hooks which could get stuck in your fingers sometimes.

Lastly, it is very important to stock yourselves with some good and different varieties of lures so that you can try and catch the difficult baits. They should not cost much and therefore having quite a few of them in your tool box would be very advisable.

Hence at the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that having the right tool box is very important. It would not be advisable to restrict to the basics alone.

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